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Formwork Plywood

•18 mm Tulsaform (FSC®)
•18 mm Tulsa Good One Side (FSC®)
•18 mm CMPC Good One Side (PEF)
•18 mm Sudati Good One Side (FSC®)
•18 mm Simpson B Matte 333 (PEFC)
•18 mm Ainsworth Pourform 107 (PEFC)

Formwork Timber

All our Formwork Timber is planed spruce which is specifically light in weight and FSC®.
We stock the following sizes:
• 70 x 145 (4.8 meter length)
• 70 x 95 (4.8 meter length)
• 45 x 145 (4.8 meter length)
• 45 x 95 (4.8 meter length)


FSC Plywood

We have had chain of for FSC® Plywood since 2003, being one of the very first suppliers in the London area to qualify for registration.
We stock both Hardwood and Softwood varieties in all thicknesses, and the range we keep includes Brazilian Eucalyptus (Hardwood), Chilean Radiata Pine (Softwood) and Brazilian Elliotis (Softwood) in addition to Brazilian Combi Pine and Eucalyptus.

Sheet Materials

We keep a full range of high quality sheet materials including:
• Hardwood Plywoods
• Softwood Plywoods
• Decorative MDF
• Large Size Plywood
• Hardboard
• Chipboard
• Non Slip Mesh Plywoods
• Formwork Plywoods

Cut Sizes & Profiles

We can supply sheet materials cut to any size and or TG4 or TG2, in addition to any hardwood or softwood cut to any size or profile.


Carcassing Timber

We carry a large range of softwood from size 300 x 300 down to 19 x 38. All joist and stud sizes are planed all round, expertly kiln dried and graded to C16 / C24. We can also treat timbers with Tanalith E which is the new eco friendly green timber treatment. We can supply very long lengths up to 12 meters, and larger dimensions directly from our mill in Germany.

Joinery Timber

We stock standard joinery sizes and mouldings, and we can supply joinery timber such as Cedar, Larch and Parana Pine in any size or profile.

Hardwood & Specialist Woods

We can supply any size or profile in any species, and we can supply FSC® material in certain species.

Case Making Timber

We carry HT 56-30 planed timber supplied with a certificate in size 19 x 140 and 19 x 70 (finished sizes).

(FSC Certificate Code: CU-COC-805644)

 sawmill wood processing timber drying timber harvesting drying boards baulk

sawmill wood processing timber drying timber harvesting drying boards baulk

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